D1SL part 2

Photos from round 1 of the 2015 d1 street legal series at Bihoku highlands circuit.


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History Garage part 1

So if your into Japanese cars (which i assume you are if your on this blog) You may have heard of Tokyo’s famous Toyota Mega Web. Mega web is Toyota’s new car display complex/ museum where they have vehicles ranging from JTCC cars, concept cars, and new showroom vehicles. But located in the same complex (at the other end of the shopping mall, yes a mall) is Toyota’s History Garage. This museum is a two-story building with all kinds of memorabilia, toys, magazines, and cafe on the bottom floor. On the top floor is where all the magic is. When i stopped in for a visit they had a Toyota Motorsports display on as well as a bunch of extremely rare classics on display. But for now we will focus on the first floor so make sure you come back for more photos of Toyota’s famous History Garage.




















I will do a third part to History Garages displays as too many photos were taken. For such a cool place it’s not very hard to!

Stay tuned!

D1 Street Legal 2015 rd 1 Bihoku Highlands

I know it’s really late with these photos, but other things happen in life and there are family matters, but in the end it’s always worth the wait.

I present to you D1SL at Bihoku Highlands






















Stay tuned for more photos of D1 from the pits and parking lot.


So one of the stops on my trip to japan was to visit driver and workshop owner Masashi Yokoi of MCR factory. Yokoi-san visited Adelaide earlier this year to compete in round 1 of Drift challenge Australia over the Australia day long weekend. So after meeting Yokoi and talking to him, I wanted to stop by his shop for a visit to see him and his cars. These are some of the photos I took at his workshop.

Welcome to Mind Control Racing



After a long drive down from Tokyo, and getting lost in Nagoya, we finally found MCR.


Yokoi-san is an ex D1 Street Legal driver for many years and even a series champ in 2012. Now he competes in D1GP as well as Formula Drift Asia and the Formula Drift USA series. So catching him at his shop literally 1 day before flying out to America was good timing. In my opinion Yokoi is one of the top drivers in Japan right now, if not one of the best in the world. After a quick chap and look around the shop, we went for a walk down the road where Yokoi’s s14 was being kept.


If you have been into drift for many years you will recognize this S14 Silvia. This is Yokoi’s D1SL car from years ago. If you check out YouTube videos you will probably find some footage of this car on the street also, but we wont go to far into that.


His s14 is still running a sr20 which is still very common among Japanese drifters, but for D1SL it had to stay to fall under engine regulations. If you notice the inner wheel wells you will see some of the art work that Yokoi is known for. more Photos of his art to come.


Inside is the usual stuff you will find in almost any drift car world-wide. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but on the dash was a piece of masking tape with a dirty drawing on it hahaha.



Series and Round winning stickers are given out to the best of the best.


Once I had the chance to look over all the cars parked down the road, we walked back up to the main workshop. I quickly stopped to ask Yokoi about the cars parked out front as they were covered with panels and parts missing off them. I was quickly told they were destined to the scrap yard. Yokoi couldn’t believe when I told him these would still sell for a few thousand in Australia.


Inside I quickly met one of the mechanics, MCR does more than just drift cars. They also do everything between general maintenance up to full race prep for track cars. unfortunately I forgot his name.



Most people will know that MCR is known for there Nissan’s, mainly s-chassis, but they also work on other makes such as this Toyota JZX110.



Up in the back of the workshop sitting on one of the rafters were all the trophy’s won by The MCR drivers. I also found more inside the front office when I was purchasing a Mind Control t shirt.


Tucked away I found this Honda pit bike which was painted again by Yokoi-san. In Australia, these small pit bikes are becoming popular with drifters for a bit of fun. I definitely think it was a killer bike and would love to own one.


I’m sure everyone has seen or knows about the SR20 cam covers that Yokoi paints. these things are incredible. I wanted to buy one to bring back but I had blown my budget on beer prior to my visit. so next time.


Before I left, we went for a walk back around the corner to look at a few more cars. Yokoi told me that this was actually his S15 that is daily driven. I will put up more photos of this in another post. one of the things I noticed was that the Koyorad coolers were all built specially for Yokoi as they sponsor his cars. But you will see that in the later post.



Around the corner was also one of Yokoi’s drivers 180sx. This car can also be seen on YouTube drifting on the streets with Yokoi-san. Theres something about the MCR vehicles and that infamous purple color that is so famous worldwide.


You can see more of Yokoi’s art on the B-piller covers of this 180sx.


Once I had spent some time hanging out with Yokoi, it was time to leave and continue south on my trip down to Bihoku for round one of D1SL. Before I left though Yokoi-san gave me a limited edition sticker of his blue D-MAX s15 that was going to be used in America at formula drift. If anyone has the chance to meet Yokoi and the guys at MCR you will be happy as the guys down there are super nice and love what they do. Big thanks to Masashi Yokoi for taking the time to show me his shop and all of his toys. Hopefully next time I visit Japan I will have time to stop past again.

Stay tuned for more photos from my trip in Japan including D1SL and History Garage.


So after catching up on 3 weeks of homework, I finally found time to go through my photos. If you didn’t know I went on a trip to Japan for 3 weeks. This first lot of photos is just a bunch of shots I had taken of the culture of Japan. Mainly Tokyo. I will continue to upload photos from the many things I did in Japan including History Garage and Mega Web, MCR factory, and D1SL! Enjoy for now! Plenty to come!

















The photo of me was taken by my wife (who is also in a few photos)

make sure you come back as the car side of my trip will be coming as well as more photos of the Japanese life!

Cameron Perkins JZX100 Toyota Chaser









So as they say better late than never is true in this situation as its been many weeks since the event. But after such a long wait (due to other commitments) i now have photos finished.

The event was held over a three-day long weekend for Australia day at Tailembend Motorsports park and consisted of the final round for 2014 and the first round of 2015.



As usual every round of the Drift challenge Australia series, a pro international driver is brought over to compete. Some of these drivers have been the likes of Naoki Nakamura and Miki Yabuuchi, Naoto Suenaga, Ryan Tuerck, and Chelsea Denofa. This round was no different and pro D1GP driver Masashi Yakoi from MCR Factory came over for the challenge. If you are heavily into drifting you will no doubt know who Yakoi is and what his driving style is like.


Yakoi is one of my favorite drivers and when I found out he was going to be at this round I was super excited to say the least. not only to meet him and see his awesome driving, but also at the chance to get some stickers and possibly a cam cover for my Silvia. Yakoi is also very well-known for his painting skills and some of his sr20 cam covers are as well-known as him.


And having the chance to get a photo with Yakoi was a plus.


I did get this printed and signed over the weekend. Yes im a fan boy. Anyways, to get on with the drifting. The Friday of the event was the final round of the 2014 series and it also came down to the line for the championship win. In the end it came down to 2 drivers to take out the championship and with a trip to Hungary with a supplied car to compete in a European series. Those drivers were Stewy Bryant and Jordan Graham.



The day started off with a practice session where passengers were allowed in cars. Seeing as the weekend was Australia day long weekend, the event had an even more laid back matsuri feel but with a competition element still there. This gave interstate drivers a chance to get use to the track. It also gave drivers a chance to have some fun and throw down some great practice battles. Afterwards all drivers jumped straight into qualifying.



Due to commitments I was unable to make it to the second day of the event to see the finals of round four and qualifying for round one of 2015. The winner of the round was SA driver Jay Duca. Jay was also the winner of the 60min to win it jam session where the winner got a $500 bar tab at the after party. this was funny as Jay doesn’t drink so plenty of beers were shared around. Sadly i missed the after party, and if you have been to a DCA party, you know they get pretty wild. The winner of The championship was Stewy Bryant from SA.



On the third day of the event was round one of the 2015 season. Qualifying was done the previous day so the morning started off with another small practice session before the final battles started.



Half way through battles there was a lunch break. I took this time to explore the pits. there were some very nice cars at this round such as Blake Patersons s14. It was one of my favorite on the day. I have become a big s-chassis fan since I bought my s14 Silvia.


This was also a good time to catch up with mates and talk about the event and general car topics. This seemed to be where all the cool kids were hanging out during lunch.


After lunch we headed back into the top 4 battles. The final battle came down to Stewy Bryant vs Masashi Yakoi. both drivers drove on the very edge of perfection and had to do multiple re-runs. After the final re-run and everything was done and dusted, the winner of round one was Masashi Yakoi (second from left) just beating Stewy Bryant (second from right) in some amazing battles. Third place was Leigh Pidwell (middle of photo) nudging out Mitchell Sanders (far right) in fourth place. Jordan Graham (far left) came second in the 2014 championship. Not pictured was Jay Duca who came third in the championship.



At the end of the day was a massive free jam session where all drivers to come back out and bake tires. there were some large drift trains as well as some intense battles between friends. It was also a great time for more passenger rides.



During these battles there was some intense door on door battles resulting in some crash battle damage. This is an example of why bash bars suck.


Big thanks go out again to all the crew that put on this series. In my opinion its one of the best series around. So a massive thank you to Luke and Tiarnah Fink, Princy, Jess, Michael, Cale, the judges Paul, Marky, Eiji, and anyone else i forgot to mention. Keep doing what you guys do and putting on an awesome series.

If your interested in taking part make sure you checkout the next round at Baskerville Raceway in Tasmania on the 14-15 of March. Otherwise keep checking for further dates.




Drift Super Cup

I attended this years Drift Super Cup at Mallala, but due to circumstances with the track clerk, I did not shoot many photos. But out of the few I did shoot, here are the best.








DCA Rd2: Tailembend

Round two of the Drift Challenge Australia series came to South Australia, and out of the two tracks we have here, it’s no surprise that Tailembend was chosen. The track was originally built as a test site for the Adelaide built cars from Mitsubishi, so the tight windy track was perfect for what DCA is all about. Unlike other events held here though, a wall was built mid track for those close wall taps that we all love could be achieved.

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Again the series organizer (Luke Fink) brought over another international driver. And like round one it was one of the best. Team Orange very own from Japan, Naoto Suanaga. He was driving the DCA car that Naoki Nakamura drove at Raleigh.



Unlike round one at Raleigh Raceway, round two was a three-day event with the Friday being an open practise/media day. I few drivers came up for the extra track time as most drivers couldn’t get the day off work.


178 (3)1111w

On the Saturday was more time for practise as well as qualifying and of course the driver favourite 60 min to win it jam session. the winner again like round one won a $500 bar tab and the after party that night. a few drivers had trouble with the layout being tight and technical which is unlike a lot of other tracks used for drift Australia wide. the winner of the 60 min to win it was Adelaide’s own Luke Broadbent in his V8 powered Nissan Cefiro seen leading in the next photo.

158 (2)1111w


Also held on the Saturday was the team qualifying. There were many teams entered in the team drift unlike round one. some drivers even choosing to compete with multiple teams of three drivers. In the end the team finals came down to Team Gypsy and Team Origin Labo Australia. The finals were to be held the following day.



Sunday was the big day for everyone. Lucky for some drivers they weren’t too hung over from last nights wild party (which I missed sadly).  Others didn’t fare so well in the end with plenty of panels damaged. But there was also LOTS of very talented drivers with constant door on door driving. Unlike other series in Australia, this is one of the major factors DCA focuses on. Not drag racing leaving the second car behind.

138 (2)1111w

166 (2)1111w

In the end, the top four came down to Christian Pickering, Jordan Graham, Chris Dejager, and Naoto Suenaga. Jordan competed for a third place finish against Chris. after some great battles and a rerun, Jordan beat Chris to Take out third. The top Battle for a first place finish was between Christian and Naoto. The two of them are good friends and drift together in Japan often at Naoto’s home track of Ebisu. Again both drivers had some very close battles and even left tyre marks on each others doors. But in the end Christian took out the win and finished first for round two.



Christian also won the best looking car of the event. This is Christian in traditional drift style having a victory skid at the end of the day.



After all the battles were finished, It was time for the team drift finals, but after talking with the officials, this was dropped for more open track time and plenty of drift trains! It was the first time I had seen a drift train of 18 cars ever in Australia.



Having a drift train this full on also resulted in some contact that didn’t end too well for some.

151 (2)1111w


It also gave Luke some time to get out and rip some skids with the best. after all, running a three-day event and not getting into a car can be hard, and ripping some skids is the best way to relieve some stress.



At the end of the day on my way home, I quickly stopped and shot a couple of photos of the car show and shine that was on. This was also a new part of DCA. The winner was a very clean example AE86 Trueno.



I am hoping to make round 3 and continue my coverage of this series. After all, it is the best run series in Australia in my opinion and has some of the best drivers competing. I have met a lot of great people and made some new friends. Come on…… I mean where else can you hit a mates car and both walk away with a smile on your face. that’s what its all about. So Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

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DCA round 1 Raleigh Raceway

If you didn’t know, Australia has a new national drift series. Unlike others that are running country-wide, this new series has exactly what the others are lacking. If you didn’t go to the first round I pity you. not only did this event run better than any other I have been to, it also had a better variety of cars and drivers alike. I give you Drift Challenge Australia!


The series will be running four rounds in SA and the eastern states with a possible fifth round in WA. Also with this series, almost every round has a Japanese driver not only attending, but also competing. At round one there were possibly two of the best and well-known drifters in the world competing. Naoki Nakamura and Miki Yabuuchi from team Burst!


The first day of the two-day event was a massive practice session followed by the 60 minute to win it jam where the winner needed to show massive entries with large angle and smoke. The winner was Simon Michelmore from Adelaide. he won a $500 bar tab at the Plantation hotel later that night for the (mid event) after party. Simon drives a purple s14 with a rb30/26 engine combo powering it.


Following the 60 minute to win it jam session was qualifying and super lap sessions to determine who would make the top 32 and decide on their running order. This method is used in some European series and ran very well.

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On the second day of the event there was more qualifying for a select few drivers that were not present on the sat. (judging commitments at another event). Some of these drivers had never even seen the track before such as Stewy Bryant, also from Adelaide.


333111w (2)

Stewy struggled in his c33 Laurel during qualifying and had to borrow a car. He used friend and fellow team-mate from team Gypsy Jay Ducas JZX100 Chaser. After qualifying in Jays car, he than continued to win battles all day making it into the top 16.




At lunch time, drivers were allowed to continue sliding on track or go in for a break and a feed. Most drivers chose to stay out and provide lunch time entertainment for the crowds. This was followed by a pit walk for people with no pit access the chance to get up and personal with the cars.

029111w (2)

425111w (2)


After the lunch break and pit walks, Team Battles were up next on the day’s schedule. There weren’t many teams willing to go out but some of the bigger drivers didn’t disappoint. Team origin Australia were out as well as Team origin Japan. Team secret drift were amazing to watch with Danny T is his incredibly clan s13 Silvia. Also going out was Team Gypsy from SA. the final two came down to Secret Drift and Origin Japan. The voting wasn’t up to the judges, but instead the crowd. who ever got the most cheers won.



The winners were Nakamura and Yabuuchi from Origin Japan.




The Final battles than started. There were some great driving in the finals but not everyone finished the way they wanted. There were a few hits here or there during the day but probably one of the bigger ones when Josh Hayward and another driver collided. Josh was left on the track with a broken LCA and blown tyre. He had to be towed back to the pits. Josh ended up finishing fourth.


The judges were a mix of drifters who have over 60 yrs experience between them and were more than qualified to make the big decisions. You probably recognize two of them in the following photo.


there were some incredible battle in the top 4 with Stewy Bryant having multiple re-runs. It was very impressive to see him drive considering he only qualified and drove on the track that morning for the first time. he ended up finishing second with Naoki Nakamura finishing first. Naoki won $2000!



Time for victory skids. Naoki was not familiar with this Aussie tradition and had well know photographer Alexi Smith translate for him. He was more than happy to burn some rubber for the crowd why his team-mate Miki watched from the side.



After all was done and dusted, there was a free expression session for all drivers. This was a great opportunity for me to climb up into the boom lift that was provided for us photographers. a great addition to the event that allowed for some new photo angles.




The judges also decided to have a slide. If you have been involved in drift for many years, you would have seen this Nissan onevia, driven by Darren Appleton many years ago.



At the end of the day, everyone packed up and talked to each other going over the weekends events. It was a great time to get autographs for the Japanese drivers and exchange contacts with new friends. In my opinion it was one of the best weekends i have had in a very long time. Round two is coming up very fast at Tailembend Motorsport park here in SA. if you missed the first round you better get to this one as its going to be even bigger and better with a third day!! Don’t miss it!

Big thank you goes out to the man behind the scenes Luke Fink!